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What's new in Aquila Network

Aquila Network is a suit of tools ranging from Open Source softwares that anybody can install on their devices to dedicated cloud offerings for convinience of non technical users.

Aquila Network 1.x.x

Aquila Network 1.0.0

25 Nov 2021

Open Source

Aquila DB

  • Schema definition for DB creation is introduced
  • Database name is universally auto generated from schema CID
  • Schema based document validation added
  • Delete document API introduced
  • Cryptographic authentication is added
  • Single script installation
  • Better failure recovery and backup
  • Bug fixes

Aquila HUB

  • Added automatic Transformer model downloads from sentence transformers
  • Persist model on disk for re-usability across Aquila HUB instances
  • Added automatic Fasttext model downloads from a url and load it into memory on demand
  • Bug fixes

Aquila PORT

  • Couch minified Replication Protocol
  • Bug fixes

Aquila Py

  • Implemented Wallet(RSA), DB, HUB clients
  • Bug fixes

Aquila JS

  • Implemented Wallet(RSA), DB, HUB clients
  • Bug fixes

Cloud Service

Aquila X

  • User authentication with secret key
  • Subscribe to public bookmarks
  • List and search all bookmarks
  • Explore public bookmarks
  • Bug fixes

Browser Extensions

  • Index web pages to localhost
  • Index web pages to X cloud service
  • Authenticate user to cloud service
  • Bug fixes
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