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Staff picks

Jubin Jose

Co-creator of Aquila Network. Talks about Bitcoin.

Lyn Alden

Provides equity research and investment strategies, the insight and data you need for managing your money.

Y Combinator News

Top rated tech news from YC, everyday. YC is created for funding early stage startups.



Accubits Devs

Awesome Open Source softwares that software developers at Accubits admire.

Matthew Ball VC

Articles from MatthewBall.VC.

George Hotz

Articles from Singularity is Nearer.

Nibin Peter

Distributed systems developer. Talks about the Web and Linux.

Indie Hackers

Top content from Indie Hackers. Indie Entrepreneurs help indies.

Maneksh MS

Talks about User Experiance.


Top rated content from Dev.to platform.

Philip Vollet

Growth Manager. Talks about AI and ML toolchains.